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      Welcome to Lines Plus Phone Service your complete communications company.  Our motto is this "We want you to save money now not later."  Most phone companies will reel you in on a special price for one year and then hike their rates up on the first day of your second year.  We offer phone service for one price for the entire duration of your contract.  At the same time we intend to cost you less than the competition.  We are a local phone company and want you to understand that we are here for you "now not later".  When you call you get our friendly work staff who are always ready to help you in any way.

     We offer the most competitive pricing out there.  Whether your a large or small business we have plans for you.  Residential customers we have plans for you too.  We also offer hosted services.

     We can replace your existing carrier with our lines at a fraction of the cost and to top it off you get 40 features free of charge.  Features like Caller ID, Call Forwarding, & many more.  This is why some many have changed over to our services, we don't charge for our features.  If they don't cost us why should we charge you.

     Visit hinsoncommunications.com for our other services ranging from phone systems, voice & data cabling, and more.

Why Lines Plus?

Quality.  Capability.  Value Re-Investment.

Quality - Here at Lines Plus we realize that quality has been disregarded with many companies.  Not us we intend to deliver the highest quality service through top of the line technicians and fast response.  We understand it is key for a business to have quality phone service when communicating to its customers.  Our quality focus has earned us an industry leading customer retention rate, many customer referrals, & many other business and financial benefits. 

Capability - We use the state of the art technology and are backed by the best-of-the-best the industry has to offer.  We utilize many providers in order to be versatile with our services & pay premium pricing for our network infrastructure and design.  By doing this we can be competitive with other carriers and service providers.  We run our own Network Operation Centers (NOC) and Points of Presence (POP).  We have designed and developed our own customer portal software so that we can deliver the features and functions to help our customers.

Value - While we tend to strive towards quality and capability over value we understand that ultimately price is a major factor.  So we offer competitive pricing for both residential and commercial customers.  For business's if we cannot beat the price we will try to match it.  We want you to get the best value of service for the best price!

Re-Investment - For our business customers we want you to understand we try to invest right back into your business in order to earn a long term trust between us.  (How do you do that when you service multiple customers providing the same service?)  We understand this and it of course happens so this is what we do we alternate between the business's so each gets an equal share of business. 

Our Employees Make the Difference

Call us today and we can provide a side by side comparison of your phone bill. Let us show you how you can spend less for more.

Call Lines Plus Services today.  You can't afford not to.
Dothan - 334-793-1896,  Marianna - 850-482-3802, Tallahassee - 850-668-1050
Toll free at 1-800-239-1896                            email to: support@linesplus.com
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